Arrival and Pre-Tour

Sunrise over Central Europe

After establishing an entirely new itinerary when I arrived at the airport yesterday morning and traveling for about 15, via Dulles airport, I looked out my window to witness the sun rise over central Europe.  With a thick layer of clouds covering the entire skyline as though it were a vast sea of snow, we descended through the clouds to arrive into the the overcast and freezing Vienna airport.  After a brief 20 minute ride into the city center, I arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel, situated across the street from a beautiful park (one of many in Vienna) and just outside the main center of this beautiful city.  I’ve never been to Central Europe and after my first day here, I’m so excited to dig into the stories, history, and culture of this region.

Yes, it felt like 10 degrees all day

Since I arrived in the morning, I had some time to walk around town before the tour officially started.  When I posted on online that I was coming to Vienna, a few people highly recommended a dessert at a certain hotel in town.  It turns out the hotel, Hotel Sacher is right behind the grandiose Opera building (pics below).

The Hotel Sacher is famous not only for it’s Sacher-Torte, but also for it’s clientele – all the royalty of Austria and many celebrities and royalty from Europe have stayed at this quaint, but elegant hotel.  There’s even a table cloth hanging in the hotel that has signatures of many famous guest stitched in.  But I was there for the torte.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait in line at the Cafe Sacher and the Sacher-Torte went perfectly with my double espresso.

A few hours later, our tour officially began and after some introductions (there are about 20 rabbis, some of whom brought their partners, on this tour), we got on our bus to check out the town.



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